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Good For You

Chapter 17



Thankfully, the plane has a back room that was made for escape. I can't hear anything on the other side of that door. Lord knows I'm not saying those kids are annoying, they're just rather loud and excited about getting to go home. Mr. Styles warned me that travelling with them is equivalent to being on a commercial plane with other people - screaming, whining, commotion, and just noise. I don't mind them one bit, I just have to get away every now and then or my headaches get extremely hard to handle. Mr. Styles got Gabriella to sleep, as well as Natalie, but Charlie is a different story. He apparently doesn't do well with flying, it makes him feel nauseous. Poor baby, I wish he would let me hug on him, but he's being a bit bratty at the moment.

For the past hour, I have been reading this book. I've gotten a good amount read, and now it's becoming quite boring to me. It's hard to admit, but I think I hate the silence. I'd much rather listen to Charlie's whining, Gabby's complaining, and Natalie's crying.

"Knock knock." Mr. Styles enters the room with a soft smile on his face. I close my book and carelessly drop it beside me on the mattress. I lean my back against the wall as he approaches me, a sigh leaving his mouth. "Well, good news." He says, facing me as he sits down on the bed. "What is it?" I curiously ask. He chuckles a few times before replying, "I finally got Charlie to sleep. I gave him some PM medicine for his stomach, so it made him sleepy."

"Are you going to rest now? You've been going nonstop since before we even left the hotel." I smile in his direction. He rolls his eyes playfully, "I'm not that tired, actually. I.. um.. I thought I'd come talk to you for a while. If that's fine with you, of course." A smirk plays on his rosy lips, and it sends tingles directly to my heart. How can the things he do, even the slightest ones, cause me to lose my inner sanity? Mr. Styles just holds this type of vibe, this charm, that excites me continuously. "I don't mind." I shrug as if I couldn't care any less, when in reality I want to beg him to stay and talk to me. His presence alone drives the butterflies wild in my stomach, and when he actually speaks directly to me - they explode like fireworks.

"I was hoping you'd say that." He winks gently. It was almost unnoticeable, but I caught a glimpse of it. "Besides, you and I haven't really spoken much today.. I guess with packing and all, I've been distracted and certainly stressed." He continues. It's odd to me, he speaks to me as if he's known me his entire life, like I'm an old friend. He talks with such a smooth tone, a steady flow - he hardly ever stutters, or hesitates. I guess he's just comfortable and content with talking to me. Sadly, I can't say the same when it comes to him.

"Yeah, we um.. haven't." I basically repeat what he just said, except a much shorter version. He's absolutely right though, he has been stressed all morning. I'm quite surprised he didn't lose his mind earlier as we were packing up. I guess we all can just get so fed up with things, so irritated, that we just want to literally explode. There was some issue involving the check out time and all that, but eventually Mr. Styles settled everything. Without entirely losing his cool, that is.

"Did you enjoy the trip? I know the last few days were mostly business for me." His eyes stare at me. I can feel the vibes he's giving off - how interested and involved he is in our conversation, how much he's focused on me and my reply. It's like he's about to pounce on me, like I'm his prey. Honestly, I wouldn't mind that at all. "I did, it was lovely. Thank you for bringing me along." I give him an honest, kind smile. I am very grateful for him and these opportunities. New York City was never somewhere I expected to end up, but I'm very glad that I had the chance to experience it, even if it was only a small portion of the area.

"Gosh, I wish I could have done more with you and the kids. There are so many cool places I wanted to take you." Mr. Styles shakes his head, as if he's upset over this. He has to be, I can hear it in his tone. He was genuinely sad about that. "I wouldn't have imagined the trip with you, love. The kids would have been livid if I didn't bring you."

His words make my heart shudder - he does wondrous things to me, sometimes things I didn't even know were possible. All I can muster up is a smile towards him, in which he replies with the same gesture. "Do you, um.." Mr. Styles starts to ask me something, but he is quick to pause himself. I wait patiently, curious to know what he was going to say. He smiles, his gaze drops to his lap, "Do you want to a watch a movie with me? I'm.. quite bored." I'm still trying to figure out why he became nervous all of a sudden, I couldn't even reply to him verbally. I nod my head a few times, not sure of anything to say. He grins once more, but this time his eyes are staring straight into mine. "I'll grab my computer." Before I could respond, he had left the room to grab his laptop. I use this time wisely and attempt to make myself appear nicer.

Clearly, I don't have time to actually change my clothes or anything - I'm sure he's fine with the pajamas I'm wearing. My hair, on the other hand, must be a mess. Quickly, without sparing a sacred second, I run over to the small bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror. I snatch the hair brush off the counter and run it through my tangled waves. The curls from last night are still lingering in my hair. We had a fancy dinner, so I told myself I needed to be more elegant and curl my hair. Big mistake, my hair holds curls well and it takes a few days for them to fall completely. I haven't washed my hair since either, so that doesn't help.

"Jenny?" The husky voice belonging to Mr. Styles fills the silent room. I gulp slightly, I hope he hasn't seen me. I step out of the bathroom, a small smile on my lips. He stands just a few feet away, a grin over his lips. "I hope you don't mind Finding Nemo. It seems the only movie I brought along was one for the kids." He laughs slightly, which draws a giggle from my throat. "I don't mind." I shake my head, just to he knows I'm being honest. The movie is good, one of my favorites, so I definitely don't mind it at all - especially since I get to watch it alongside him. "We can uh, start now, if that's fine." Mr. Styles says, sitting the computer on the mattress before climbing onto it.

My heart jumps in my chest as I realize how close we'll be sitting. Every time we sit near each other it drives me insane. "Get the lights, please." He tells me with a kind smile. I return the gesture before flicking off the light and joining him on the bed. He moves over closer to me after I become still, for some reason I didn't want to invade his personal space - yet, he pops my bubble. I don't care, I like being close to him.

"After a while the laptop gets hot, I don't want it to burn your skin, love." Mr. Styles tells me as he sits the laptop on his sweatpant covered thighs. I glance down at my own legs, seeing the pajama shorts only reach an inch above the middle of my thigh. I don't say anything back, I just slightly turn my head so that I could see. I watch him adjust the volume and brightness, then select the play option on the screen. "Don't be a stranger, dear." Harry chuckles, throwing his arm around my back suddenly. I nearly choke on my breath as I feel his large hand grab onto my hip.

With little effort, he slides me over closer so that our bodies are touching against each other. "Now then, you can see properly." He mumbles, his hand dropping from my body. However, his arm stays around me, his hand rests on the mattress. For a moment, I remain tensed beside him - my shoulders straightened and my breath held in my lungs. My entire body flinches when his mouth leans to my ear, a deep whisper coming from his lips. "Relax." It's in this very moment that my muscles lose their strain, and my shoulders slouch - my body falling against the muscled arm behind me. "Much better, hm." Mr. Styles says, his rough grip on my waist now. I nod, keeping my attention on the screen - instead of his eyes which I can feel burning through me.

Fifteen minutes or so passes by, the only sounds in the room are the movie and our mixed breathing. He's lightly cleared his throat a few times, and I sneezed once - which he blessed me seconds after. Other than that, silence has surrounded us for what feels like a long while now. I have no intentions of ending it, that's up to him. I'm very content with the mood right now, quiet and relaxed - right against Mr. Styles. The man I shouldn't be lusting after, the man I should not want to have any sort of unprofessional relationship with. However, I don't seem to be listening to the part of me screaming the things I shouldn't be doing..

"You didn't have to brush your hair." His deep tone rumbles beside my ear, making me jump in my skin. I hadn't even noticed that he turned his head towards me. I gulp quietly, still watching the little clown fish swim around on the screen. My throat has clogged up, preventing me from speaking to him in reply. "You looked fine before, lovely actually." He words are muttered so smoothly - making him seem so gentle, so calm. My hands are trembling in my lap, so I try my best to hide it from his view. Despite the lack of a light on, I'm sure the laptop provides enough glow for him to see them shaking rapidly. I slot my fingers together, squeezing as tight as I possibly can to conceal my anxious state.

My mind is telling me to excuse myself to the restroom - but my heart is yelling at me, insisting that I ignore my thoughts and just go with it. He's showing some sort of interest in me, I could at least take advantage of it and just listen to him, if that's the least I do now.

"You always look lovely." He tells me, his hand begins to move on my side. I freeze entirely, not sure how to react to the feeling of his hand sliding underneath my thin shirt, our skin making contact now. "Sometimes.. I find myself in quite a, uh, a daze.. 'specially when I see you in the mornin's.. so pretty." My teeth clamp down onto the inside of my cheek, my existence is struggling at the moment. "Say somethin'.. please." He utters quietly, warm breath fanning my skin. "I-"

My words are cut off by the creaking of the door, light starts to poor in from the main compartment of the plane. A silhouette appears in the door, easily I can make out who it is. Tousled hair, short height, a teddy bear hanging from a hand. It's my favorite little boy, Charlie.

"Daddy?" His groggy voice breaks into the room, sleep didn't seem to overtake him long. Mr. Styles sighs beside me, closing the laptop on his thighs. He gets off the bed, taking the computer with him. I swallow the huge lump that was stuck in my throat. He turns on the light, allowing us all to see each other better. "What's the matter, buddy?" He asks in a worried tone as he kneels down to Charlie in the doorway. "Can't sleep, Daddy. Wanna go home already." Charlie groans as his arms go around his father's neck.

Mr. Styles brings his son into his embrace, holding him close and rocking slightly from side to side. "We'll be home in a few hours, babe. Please try to sleep for me, you need some rest." I hear him say, concern laced in his heavy tone. "Can't, Daddy. Planes make me feel like I'm gonna throw up." Charlie whines out, I feel so bad for him. I wish I could take it away from him, just so he would be able to sleep well. I know how Charlie can get without his nap of the day - he's very dependent on both his father and me, which isn't a problem at all. He's still so young, it's quite normal.

"How about you come lie with me in the bed, hm? It's easier to fall asleep on than the couches." Mr. Styles suggests, standing up with his son in his arms. Charlie just nods to him, answering quietly. "With Jenny?" He asks curiously, his eyes peering over to me. I give him a warm smile, hoping that I'll get to cuddle with him soon. "Of course, bud." He turns to face me, taking Charlie's gaze off of my presence.

"As long as Jenny doesn't mind." He tells Charlie, even though his eyes are fixed on me. "I don't." I simply say, smiling at him softly. His left eye drops to a wink before he starts to walk towards the bed. "I wanna snuggle with Jenny, not you Daddy." Charlie says with a huff as Mr. Styles sits him on the bed. He immediately crawls to me with his teddy bear secured against his chest. His father just gives him a small laugh, not taking his son's comment to the heart.

I open my arms for him, quickly he jumps onto my lap. Charlie's head is throw against my shoulder, his small arms stuck between the two of us. "Sweetheart, what's bothering you?" I softly ask. His sniffling makes my heart crumble, I hate knowing he doesn't feel well. "Tummy." He mutters out, I can hear the pout on his face. When I look up, I see that Mr. Styles has returned to the doorway - leaning against it as he watches me comfort his child, a pleased smile spread over his lips.

"Want me to rub your tummy? Make it feel better, bud?" This usually makes things easier for Charlie. Whether it's his leg, or his back, or his head - whenever I give him a little comforting massage he seems to perk up. He wants my attention, I know it, he's been that way since I began working for Mr. Styles. I highly assume it's because he lacked that attention from his biological mother, who abandoned them sadly. Poor babies, they deserve so much more than to be treated that way. Mr. Styles told me, back when I started, that Charlie was very clingy and he was extremely needy. Perhaps it's because he's the only boy, or maybe because he just has that personality. Either way, he's adorable and I'd do anything to make him feel better.

"Please, Jenny." He nods, leaning back so that his eyes are looking into mine now. "Lay your head on my lap." I gesture for him to get off me and he gladly does so. Mr. Styles sends me a warm grin as he continues to observe the way Charlie and I interact with each other. Charlie lies his head full of curls down on my thighs, pretty eyes staring up at me patiently waiting. He rests his arms by his sides, the teddy bear clutched in his right hand.

I grab the hem of his dinosaur covered pajama shirt and raise it up to his chest. "Put my hand where it hurts, darling." I tell him, offering my hand to him. His tiny fingers grasp a few of my own and he guides my hand to his stomach, just above his navel. "Right there, Jenny." He tells me, pushing my palm into his skin. "Okay. Let me know when you start to feel better, alright?" I tell him once I start to rub ovals into his belly.

"Daddy gave you medicine earlier. Surely that helped, Charlie." Mr. Styles carries himself to the edge of the bed, close to where I'm sitting. He sits down, a leg propped on the bed to better face us. Charlie just sighs, closing his eyes instead of responding to Mr. Styles. I look away from Charlie's cute face and over to his father's handsome, sculpted one. "He's so obsessed with you." Mr. Styles smirks, shaking his head slightly from left to right. "What can I say?" I shrug. "I have healing powers."

"Oh yeah? M'sure." He chuckles to me, his hand reaching over to rest on my knee. I feel my legs tense up, but I remind myself to just stay calm. "I'd be screwed without you." He says lowly, his thumb circling on my skin ever so gently. "I'm sure you'd be fine.. You're a great father, Mr. Styles." I remind him of this - something he seems to forget quite often. Sometimes I steal the spotlight from him, and I hate that. Obviously I'm very glad his children love me and find me interesting - however, I wish they would pay him more attention when we're both in the same room with them.

"Oh, c'mon. I'm not that great." He slyly smiles, rolling his eyes as a joke. "You're the best daddy in the world, Daddy." Charlie claims, throwing his arm back to touch his father's leg, slapping it accidentally. We all share a laugh, admiring the affectionate action from Charlie. "I try my best, son. I try my best." He takes Charlie's hand with his free hand, the other still occupied on my knee, and he squeezes it a couple of times. "Cuddle time without me?"

Mr. Styles's head whips around to the door, which none of us heard open, to find his eldest daughter standing there, hands on her hips. "Hey sweetie, when did you wake up?" He asks, motioning for her to come to him after he let Charlie's hand go. Unfortunately, his hand also leaves my knee so that he can lift Gabriella onto his lap, and wrapping an arm around her back so she didn't fall backwards. "Just did." She yawns, covering her mouth. "Just in time." Mr. Styles says, glancing over at me and Charlie.

"What's wrong with Charlie?" She asks worried, her brows scrunched on her forehead as she looks past her father's shoulder. "Upset tummy." I inform her quietly, my hand still rubbing his stomach delicately. She pokes out her bottom lip, "Is he sick?" Her eyes now look into Mr. Styles's, who is quick to answer her. "Somewhat. But don't worry, baby girl, he'll be better once we land. Flying makes his stomach hurt." He explains to her in a simple way, knowing she'll understand easily. "Are you layin' with Jenny, Daddy?" Gabby asks, eyes focused on him still. "I was going to let Charlie and Jenny take a nap-"

"Stay, Daddy." Charlie interrupts, taking heavy breaths afterwards. His small hand grabs my wrist, keeping my hand in place - only allowing me to move in slow circles. He fears that I'll pull my hand away, even though I would never do that to him. "Son, you need to rest and I know you take better naps when Jenny tells you one of her stories." Mr. Styles is making quite an effort to convince his son that he doesn't need to stay in here. Inside my mind, I'm debating whether it's because he doesn't want to be around me, or that he's just trying to help his son feel better.

A gentle sigh comes from me as I realize that this lust I have for my boss is highly unprofessional - meaning, we need space. "Me and you can cuddle, buddy." I tell him, ignoring the gaze coming from the man beside me. Charlie's eyes stare up at me, a frown over his mouth. "Okay." He nods lightly, his fingernails anchoring into my wrist. I winch lightly, but I don't tell him to stop - it isn't bothering me too bad. "You and I can go find something to eat." Mr. Styles says to his daughter as he stands up, holding her in his arms. "Is Ni awake?" He asks her a few questions as they exit he room, the door slowly shutting after them.

I swallow the thick lump in my throat - maybe he has realized how wrong this is between us. Even if it's nothing serious, just flirting here and there, it's unacceptable.


expect regular updates now! xx so glad to have this story going again, love you all so much! Leave your feedback in the comments for me xxx


Awesome update LOVE!!!
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thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!