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Story Covers ♡


:) need a cover? I can probably help!

I'll just need a few information from you for your story and all I ask in return is: to give me credit, as in put "Cover made by She Said Poptarts" or link back to my profile somewhere in your story summary!

Click here to see some banner examples!



Story Title: Monsters under the bed
Other Text: It is a mystery/thriller story and i want it to be like a girl (any girl) she has voices inside her head that represents a monster and her mother.
Images: any aesthetic girl and any aesthetic mother
Colors/Mood: anything but creepy
Anything else: Monsters under the bed simply stands for voices inside the head, thanks!

Story Title: The Choice
Other text: By Lois Slaughter
Images: Britt Robertson, Harry Styles and Andre Hamann (No specific pictures for any, however the mood should be quite serious and if Harry could be sort of around story of my life era that would be great - no worries if not, but definitely no younger)
Colors/Mood: Purples, blues, greys?
Anything else: It's a romance, drama sort of story so that's kind of the feel that the banner should have :)
@She Said Poptarts
Story Title:
Rome: The Forsaken
Other text: No thank you!
Images: Harry styles and if you can find a good picture Ksenia Solo with black hair and blue eyes
Colors/Mood: Dark and bloody even, it is based in ancient Rome so that kinda vice elegant but deadly.
Anything else: Like i said it is based in ancient Rome and I will let you read the first chapter if you want to kinda get a feel for it.

@She Said Poptarts
PERFECT!!!! thank you so much

@Allie Miller
Done :)