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Wasted Heart

I don't wanna let it burn in the city lights

"Why are you telling me this?" Luke asked harshly as he looked over at Avery.

She was the girl he had loved since forever and she was the girl he had once just a few months back thought he'd marry one day. Had popped the question and everything ten months ago.

But now here he was ten months later and they weren't engaged. They weren't even living in the same place, though occasionally he was dumb and let her back in. Had been letting her back in almost once a week for the past eight months.

Luke hating that he kept track of everything but how could he not. Keeping track of how long it had been since Avery broke his heart was easier for him.

Though all it did was remind him as well that he wasn't moving on. How could he move on when they were still having sex once a week?

The only thing that really seemed to help him, if he were honest, was getting drunk and writing his feelings out in the forms of songs. Songs he hoped to one day record and put on an album.

An album that he knew would be all about the girl standing in front of him. The girl who had just got done telling him that she was moving to California. Something about a job transfer out there and he wasn't sure why she had told him.

It wasn't like he could just follow her. He wasn't allowed to be that boy anymore because the moment their engagement had ended so had their relationship.

At least the dating aspect. The sex was harder to cut out for the both of them.

"I don't know why I'm telling you," Avery spoke after what seemed like ages. "I just thought you should know. I leave in a week," she added on.

Luke swore she only did that to kick him harder mentally and emotionally. Harder than she already had.

She was leaving in a week and he wasn't crazy, he knew he'd never see her again once she left the apartment he was sharing with a friend he had made through his work at a bar.

Avery wouldn't come back to New York even if being here had been her dream all along.

Then again it seemed in the span of their break up the Avery he knew was changing. She had dropped out of college, devoting all her time to the magazine she worked for.

A job she had landed thanks to the recommendation of one of their high school teachers. The teacher who ran the school newspaper that Avery had helped run.

Luke knowing being a journalist wasn't her dream. He just wasn't sure why Avery had it in her head it was now.

He wasn't sure why she was intent on ruining her own life. Couldn't she just be content with the fact that she had ripped his apart?

Because at least one of them deserved to be happy and as much as she hurt him, he wanted it to be her.

Running a hand through his hair, Luke finally found the courage to move. Hating that all his legs did was take him to her. The last place he wanted to be was near her.

"Can you stay the night?" he asked softly hating the way his voice cracked because he didn't want to cry. Refused to cry because of her again and refused to cry in front of her.

Avery let out a sigh as she avoided his gaze, "I didn't come for sex," she told him though the way she was acting he knew it was a lie.

She wanted to fuck him and then leave him the next morning before he woke, like she always did. Except this time she wouldn't be coming back in a week.

She'd be off starting a life in California.

"I didn't say we had to have sex," Luke snapped slightly which seemed to make her finally look at him. "We can just sleep in the same bed. Like old times..just please stay the night," he sighed before leaning into her.

His eyes falling shut briefly when she let her hands come to rest on either side of his cheeks. The action being enough to set his body on fire.

"I'll stay," Avery finally relented, her voice soft and the words she said made Luke open his eyes again as a smile over took his face.

Luke pulling away from her as he lead the way down to his room. Not sure yet what they were going to do to kill time before they eventually had sex.

Because sex in the end was what they both wanted. Even if Avery wanted to pretend it wasn't.

Luke raised an eyebrow as he watched Avery scrunch up her nose as she sat in front of him on the bed. Clad in nothing but her bra and panties.

Something that only happened because he had asked her to pose for pictures for him. He wanted something to remember her by once she was gone.

Something that was all his and no one else's.

"How many more pictures do you have to take?" Avery asked him, a hint of a whine in her tone. "Because I feel very underdressed right now," she told him as her eyes narrowed at him some.

A blush starting on his cheeks at her gaze.

"I'd be fine getting just as undressed as you are," Luke offered as he snapped another picture when she flipped him off after he said that.

"Can I take pictures of you in your underwear Lu?"

Blushing at her question, Luke sat his camera down on the bed before he started to undress.

"You can do whatever you please Avie," he told her watching as she picked his camera up and he rolled his eyes playfully as she started taking pictures of him as he undressed.

Though he guessed it was fair as he had done the same to her. Hadn't even waited for her to be out of her clothes.

Then again maybe he had never been patient enough with her. Maybe if he had just waited a few more years to ask her to marry him instead of doing it at eighteen, just a few months after high school graduation. Well, maybe they'd still be together.

"You're hard," Avery mused bringing Luke out of his thoughts and his blush grew as a smirk appeared on his lips. His body moving to sit down beside her on the bed.

Avery taking a picture of him as he did so.

"You've never complained about me being hard before."

Now it was Avery who rolled her eyes, a blush working its way onto her cheeks. "I wasn't complaining," she told him and again there was almost a whine to her voice. "I was being observant," she shrugged before taking a few more pictures.

Luke chewing on his lip as he watched her finally put the camera down. Crawling the short distance to where he was and the moment she was right in front of him he reached out, pulling her into his lap as he kissed her softly.

A moan tumbling out of his mouth as her hands ran through his hair as she kissed him back.

His brain somehow getting caught up in the kiss as he found a way to move them so that she was laying on her back on his bed. His hand finding its way down to her underwear.

Not even bothering to rub her through the underwear. He just let his hand slip right in, soon rubbing her in the way he knew she liked to be touched.

Wanting her to get wetter than what she already was. Wanting to know that for now, for tonight it was because of him.

Because in the end he was sure there was some nights when she was wet and it wasn't because of him. Knew after tonight there'd be plenty of nights where it wasn't because of him.

"Lu," Avery hissed out into the kiss as her hips bucked up into his touch. "Going to need you to do more than touch me," she spoke and he pulled away from the kiss looking down at her curiously.

Hating that he wanted to hear her beg for it.

"Please," she finally added on and Luke smirked once more as he leaned in to kiss her neck. His lips trailing down her neck at least until he reached her bra.

His hand that wasn't inside of her panties going to push down one of the bra cups as he let his mouth wrap around her nipple.

Loving the sounds she made at that.

He truly loved the way he could still make her come undone even if she wasn't fully his.

Moving his mouth off her, Luke listened as she whined once again. Which only made his smirk grow as he continued kissing down her body.

His hand eventually slipping out of her panties as he worked to push them off her. Her legs seemingly parting once her panties were gone.

Giving him a view of what he was really wanting. Let him see what he wanted to taste just one more time.

"I love you," Luke told her softly not even sure she'd say it back. "I love you so fucking much Avery," he sighed before leaning in and leaving a kiss on the lips between her legs.

Avery once again making sounds that he liked. Sounds that continued as his kisses soon turned to licks.

Her hand once again finding its way down to his hair. Goosebumps forming on his body as she tugged at it some and he half wished it were a bit longer right now so she'd have more to pull on.

So that he'd feel more pain because maybe he liked the pain she was giving him by pulling his hair. Made him forget the pain she gave him emotionally with how she was fucking wrecking his heart and he was letting her.

Pulling away from her when he knew she was getting close, Luke looked up at her doing his best to ignore the dirty look she was giving him.

"Take a picture of me as I eat you out," Luke told her seeing her eyebrows raise in confusion and maybe a bit of hesitance.

"I..are you sure?" she asked as her hand reached for the camera, despite the hesitant look on her face.

Nodding his head Luke winked at her before going back in. His eyes falling shut as he went back to licking at her wet cunt. Getting even more of a thrill when he knew she had taken a picture of this moment.

A thrill that maybe got even better when he had her coming not long after just from his tongue alone. Luke only moving away once her orgasm subsided.

"I need you in me now," Avery spoke as she sat up some to meet him in a kiss. Luke letting his tongue slide into her mouth, not even caring if she could taste herself on him.

She'd never complained about it before anyway.

All Luke cared about was the fact that she wanted him inside of her. That she wanted another orgasm because of him.

It was still him for these last remaining hours they had together.

Waking the next morning, Luke opened his eyes as the sunlight came through his window. His hand reaching out for where Avery was laying but of course her side of the bed was empty.

It was always empty because she left him before he woke every damn time.

Shaking his head he sat up, spotting a note laying on the pillow on the side of the bed that Avery had occupied. His hand reaching out to pick it up and as he read it he almost wished he hadn't picked it up.

It was her saying goodbye to him. As well as telling him that she had stolen his Pink Floyd shirt because she didn't want to walk back home to Jessica in a walk of shame in the shirt from last night.

Luke not understanding how his shirt was any better. It'd probably be even worse.

"So what do you think?" Luke asked as he sat down next to Jessica on his couch. Having invited her over to his house in California to listen to his album which was being released tomorrow.

"I think it's great," Jessica said honestly as she eyed him rather curiously. Luke knowing he probably wouldn't like whatever she said next. "I'm just wondering if my sister knows you wrote and recorded a whole album about her?"

Blushing Luke ran a hand through his hair, which he had let grow out in the three years he had been working on this album. His hair finally back to its naturally curly roots.

"It's not all about her," Luke protested though it was a lie.

They both knew it was a lie too.

"You're album booklet is full of half naked pictures of her in her bra and panties," Jessica retorted. "She's lucky you had the decency to black out her face so she isn't identifiable."

Luke's blush only grew at that.

"Fine," he sighed as he looked down at his hands. His red nail polish chipped only slightly. "It's all about her and she doesn't know it. I'm not sure she'd like me to show up in her life and tell her that either. It's clear she's moved on while I'm still stuck in the past."

Jessica sighed as she reached her hand over. Letting it rest on top of his.

"You aren't fully stuck in the past," she told him as her voice went low. Making him look up at her and he got the meaning of what she meant.

Sexually at least he had moved on. After all he was flying between New York and California to fuck Jessica. His dick not having left the Clarke family at all just yet.

"Are you going to tell her about us?" Luke asked softly as he let his fingers lace with Jessica's. "And that you're moving to Los Angeles as well."

Jessica just gave him a look that let him know she had no intentions of telling Avery about them. After all what was there to tell really?

He wasn't dating Jessica. They were just sleeping together.

It was something that had just happened over one too many nights out together after Avery had left them both.

Yet somehow despite him knowing it wasn't anything he was scared for when his ex did find out. Because what if she thought it was something?

Then again, she may not even care if she ever found out.

"I'm going to tell her about the LA thing so she can help me find a house," Jessica told him with a nod of her head. "The other stuff isn't any of her business though," she said so plainly. "But enough about Avery," she told him as she leaned into him a mischievous look in her blue eyes.

"Can we just go to bed together now?" she asked and Luke felt his cock twitch at that. Knowing they'd be doing more than going to bed to sleep.

Because they never really did actually do much sleeping when they were together. It was always just sex.



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