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Fall Of 2018 Fanfition Awards (THE COWELLYS)


Must nominate at least three stories for three separate categories.

Self Nominations are accepted but discouraged.

If anyone has any category ideas or would like to help with the fanfiction awards, please feel free to message me.

Those who work with the fanfiction awards are still eligible to have stories participate, but may not vote for or nominate their own story.



So humbling to be nominated! Thank you so so so much. Eternally grateful for this <3

OMg i wish i was on her sooner but my computer took a poo! i am soo excited that i have been nominated!!! THANK YOU to everyone that nominated me it means the world. i love you guys so so much!!!!! and B i am so proud of you i love you dearly

This is incredible!! Thank you so so so so much. Wow

...... HOW AM I ON HERE?

Wow... Oh gosh. Thank you SO much. Aha. My heart is thumping so hard. Okay, maybe I'm not so against this fanfiction award thing

Aha... I need to lie down now

I'm greatly humbled to see my stories getting nominated! Thank you for hosting these awards and best of luck to everyone.