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Night changes

It was the end of summer 2018. As the bidder that invaded my mouth from eating far too many sour patch kids, I could be nothing more than happy to be with my two best friends in this entire planet Sofy and Destiny. After all it was our last night in our hometown before we would leave for Los Angeles, of course, none of us had told our family that we would go since we all applied to university their well everyone except Sofy see her brother Mathew would help us out the first weeks since himself moved out 4 years prior and would occasionally come to visit home. It was quite crazy just us sitting on the floor at 10 pm with our luggage and just one laptop out and of course or phone in pajamas.
A rush of excitement and sadness overcame it was finally the time I wouldn't have to put up with my broken home anymore , I could finally be independent... well even tho that's nothing new to me you see having your parents fight in front of you since you were a child really doesn't leave the best of memories with you. having your dad move to another state losing your mom to her being a social zombie it just sucks. I honestly can't remember the last time I celebrated Christmas at home or for the matter a birthday. I guess that kinda why we weren't at my house and instead at sofys. There wasn't a day I could hate the Smith family they treated me like their daughter especially Mrs.Smith and I wasn't complaining then their Destinys folks they always helped out when needed i could tell it was hard for them to lett go but we just had to keep in mind this wouldnt be forever just temporarly we would all go to college and come back graduates at least that would be the inicial plan.
As my bestfriends were passed out from 1 it being far to late and 2 staying up the majority of the night watching Rupals drag race , i set the alarm on my phone and slowly closed my eyes knowing in no less than 4 hours we would be going to the airport with no regrets and hoping for the best.


Hey, guys so I hope you like this and feel free to comment down below your thoughts don't forget to vote and subscribe to the story.


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