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Calum's P.O.V.*
"BRO ARE YOU OKAY?!?!" Ashton yelled, running over towards me.

"Fuck, I dunno. My leg fucking hurts." I replied, attempting to stand up, before I fell back down.

"HOLY SHIT CAL, YOUR FUCKING LEG!!" Michael yelled, also running over towards me. Part of me already knew what to expect when I looked down at my leg, but the other part of me just didn't want to believe it. But, as reality began to set in and the pain got stronger; I had to take a look at the gruesome thing... and there it was. My leg snapped, and my blood and bone showing through my black ripped jeans. Fuuuuuck.

"WE HAVE TO GET HIM TO A FUCKING HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!" Luke yelled, while pacing nervously back and fourth.

"Okay, I'll call an ambulance." Richard replied, oddly enough he seems to be so calm about this, which I don't understand why, because I fucking broke my leg!

"Hello?... Yes... My client has just broken his leg I need an ambulance to the Grand Amphitheater ASAP... alright... okay... thank you... you too... Well, the ambulance will be here in about five minutes so just relax guys."


"Don't worry guys, I'll be fine. I'm just in alotta pain." I said calmly trying to defuse the situation, but despite my attempt things remained heated until the ambulance showed up to take me to the hospital. There wasn't enough room for all the guys to ride with me, so we decided to have them follow the truck. Once I got there they took me out and over to the ER check in where I got a shot of morphine and blacked out. Once I woke up, I realised that I was in a room with a curtain pulled over the door window, my leg was being elevated with a caste on it, my arm was hooked up to an IV, and there was also no one in sight. The guys must be getting a snack or something... I thought to myself. Before I could make any other observations there was a knock on the door and a familiar voice asked,"may I come in?"


*Jessica's P.OV.*

I pulled up to work feeling extremely tired, and praying for an easy day. I parked my car, grabbed my backpack, and got out and locked the doors as I began walking towards the hospital entrance.

"Hey Reggie!" I waved, at the security guard as I walked towards the clock in station; I used my thumbprint to clock in and then walked towards the breakroom to leave my things. Once I got there I put my backpack down, and put my lunch in the fridge, then I grabbed some black pens and sharpies and stuffed them in my pocket.

"Hey, Jess! I heard you got a difficult admission in 222. Good luck!" One of my coworkers informed me as I was walking to sign in, and grab my assignment sheet.

"Fuuuck, really???" I whined. So much for an easy day...

"I mean, I'm not 100% sure. I just heard someone from AM shift say that, as I was clocking in."

"Ugh, okay. Well thanks anyway!"

"REPORT! REPORT EVERYONE!" My charge nurse yelled as she began to round up all the nurses and nurse aides. Report is basically where the charge nurse informs everyone about the patients for that day, they let us know if anyone is new and what their diagnosis is, and if anything changed from the day before. Also, if anyone has any concerns with their patients the report would be the time to share them. Everyone rounded up at the nurses' station as my charge nurse began the report; I basically just daydream until she gets to my section.

"Okay lastly, section 6" Okay time to pay attention! "Jessica you have a new admit in 222 the patient is a 22 year old male, he broke his leg and will be here for 2 weeks for recovery. It says here in notes that he requires special attention, and for all nurses and nurse aides to remain professional when around him. I don't know why it says that, but he probably might be threatening to call the state or something. Other than that don't forget 227C needs a shower."

"Yes ma'am." I replied.

"Alright, that's it! Any questions?" She asked, no one responded. "Okay, everyone go start your rounds, and remember to answer your call lights promptly. Jessica if I were you, I'd begin with 222." Everyone nodded and walked out of the nurses' station and over to their sections to begin our rounds. I walked over to 222, took a deep breath, and knocked three times before asking,"May I come in?"

"Go ahead." The guy answered, with an Australian accent, well that's different.

Author's Note: Hey all you lovely readers! Quick and short update today since I'm tired! Hope y'all are enjoying my story so far! Please let me know what you think! Your voices and constructive criticism are valued, and taken into account when I write! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CALUM! ❤️



^^ the link to my story on wattpad. I tend to update wattpad faster than on here, and was wondering if you lovely people could go show my story some love on wattpad :)❤️ Ty.



I love this story already <3 can't wait to read more!

Alise Alise

Ty means thank you. I’m sorry I don’t understand why you are upset... I was saying thank you for your help.

.... "Ty" seriously?
Okay then...

Ty :)

Can I say something. AU means Alternate Universe, this isn't an AU if Calum's still in the band