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As I walked in, I examined the rest of my assignment sheet to see what other rooms, and patients I had for the day. I closed the door behind me, and just as I was about to speak I looked up. HOLY SHIT. Is that? No that’s definitely. But how? Why? When? Once I realised I was just standing there thinking to myself, I quickly collected my thoughts, cleared my throat, and introduced myself.
“Hi, good afternoon, my name is Jessica, and I’ll be your nurse aide today.”
“Hi, nice to meet you.” He replied.
“So, I just take care of your day to day activities, like use with the bathroom, that is, if you need it, umm eating, and helping you walk, and you know just stuff like that.” Keep it together. This is the first famous person you’ve met, but don’t make it obvious. Just do your job, and get out. He just sat there quietly, and nodded. “Alright well if you need anything, just feel free to press your call light and I’ll be with you as soon as possible.” Okay. Now get out before you embarrass yourself. I turned around and tried to leave when someone opened the door. OH MY...
In walked Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford... they were holding loads of chips, colas, candies, and chocolates, the literal diabetes starter pack.
“Oh, uh, hello.” Luke greeted me awkwardly.
“Hi. I’m Jessica.” I smiled, attempting to shake their hands as all three of them struggled not to drop their precious snacks.
“Umm well, I will be Mr. Hood’s nurse aide, so if you guys need anything please do not hesitate to ask.”
“Oh, shit cool! It’s like we have our own personal helper!” Michael exclaimed excitedly.
“Uh, helper yes. Personal, no. I’ve got 9 more patients who also need my help, but as I told Mr. Hood-“
“Calum.” He interrupted. “You can just call me, Calum.”
“Oh, um, I’m sorry, as I told Calum...”
“That’s better.”
“If you guys need anything just, ring that call light over there, and I’ll come as soon as possible.” They all nodded, and as I attempted to leave, the doctor walked in.
“Oh, Ms. Brooks, please stay.” The doctor ordered as I walked back inside. Another guy walked in behind me who seemed to be related to the boys somehow.
“So, will we be able to leave by 7pm tonight? They have a concert, and another one tomorrow in LA.” The guy asked.
“Well, no. Unfortunately, we’re going to need Mr. Hood to stay under observation here for at least two weeks. Especially considering that you want him to continue to perform in this condition. It’s best for him, and his band that you all stay here until is leg as healed a little more. Any stress on the leg, or the patient can cause him to just end up back in another hospital, to prevent that we’ll keep him here. He is in good hands of course. Ms. Brooks is one of the best we’ve got.” The doctor informed them all, as he walked out he pat me on the back.
“I’ve gotta go make some fucking phone calls!” The guy yelled angrily before walking out, I quickly followed. Two weeks? I’m stuck with the famous guys for TWO WEEKS? How am i going to get through this?
*Calum’s P.O.V.*
Do I know her? Her voice, it’s so familiar. She looks so familiar. A fan we’ve met, maybe?
“Hey... Luke?”
“What’s up Cal?”
“That girl... there’s something about her, that feels so familiar. You think she’s a meet and greet fan or something?”
“Who? The aide lady? A fan? No way, man. Did you see how she didn’t even freak out when she saw ALL of us together. No way she’s a fan.”
“I dunno. I just feel like I’ve seen her before.” But, where? It had to have either been recent or someone who I’ve seen repeatingly, and I know I have NOT seen her more than once or twice. I would’ve remembered.
“I mean, we see a lot of people. She could just have some features that matched other girls.”
“HEY!” Michael yelled. “Can you get that aide lady to get me a soup or something from the kitchen? My stomach is killing me!”
“Uh, yeah. Luke can you pass me the call button thing?”
“Yeah no worries buddy... and hey, try not to overthink things okay. I don’t want you stressing out.” Luke said handing me the button. Not even two minutes after I pressed the button she knocked the door and asked to come in.
“Hey, um can I get some soup from the kitchen?” Michael asked her.
“Of course. What kind? We have chicken noodle, tomato, and lentil.”
“Uhhh, I’ll take two chicken noodles with some crackers, pleeeeaaase.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back!” She laughed as she left. Who is she? As I asked myself this question a million times, it finally came to me. The girl from the school!
“It’s her!”
“What?” Ashton asked.
“The girl, from the university! Ya know, the one wearing the tight black dress!”
“No shit! You don’t really think...”
“I know it’s her. I remember her voice, and hair.”
“Damn stalker much?” Michael asked laughing.
“No, I’m not stalking her. This is like purely fate or something!” Before anyone could say anything else she walked in with two soups, some crackers, and a spoon for Mike.
“No worries.” She smiled turning around to leave.
“Hey wait!” Michael called out. God please don’t let him say anything about what I just told them...
“Yes?” She asked.
“Um, how come you didn’t freak out when you met us? Do you not know who we are or hate us?”
She giggled for a second and then answered, “It’s not that at all! I do like a couple of your guys’ songs, but I wouldn’t call myself a HUGE fan, and I just wanted to remain professional. I know celebs are just regular people, and sometimes it feels good not to have someone screaming and freaking out over you just because of who you are.”
“So, you don’t hate us?”
“Gosh, no! I have no reason too!” She reassured Mike. “Unless you want me too...” she laughed leaving the room once again.
Michael turned around and looked at me... “So what’s the deal? You like her or something?”
I smiled and then replied, “Or something...”

Author’s Note:
Haiiii I’m baaaack! Sorry it’s been literally MONTHS since I’ve updated!! I’ve been extremely busy with work and school, but now that I’m finished with school for the semester I’m going to be updating more! A little update on me... I turned 20 this past April!! Also, expect more chapters coming your way!! Hope everyone is enjoying and I’ll see you soon!!! :))))




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I love this story already <3 can't wait to read more!

Alise Alise

Ty means thank you. I’m sorry I don’t understand why you are upset... I was saying thank you for your help.

.... "Ty" seriously?
Okay then...

Ty :)

Can I say something. AU means Alternate Universe, this isn't an AU if Calum's still in the band